Monday, March 17, 2014

Wyoming is Windy

The wind cuts right through my coat.  I scrunch up my neck and pull my scarf tighter.  Running, head down into the wind, making sure that everything is tucked deep into my computer bag so that nothing escapes and I don't have to go chasing it down the street.  I see my neighbor chasing down her trash can.  I'm glad mine was decorated by my daughter when she and her friend decided to paint her bedroom.  At least I'll be able to find it when I get home.

The wind keeps me awake at night and I feel that I am its captive.  I bury my head deeper under the pillow.  Maybe some music, NPR or Ted Talk will drown you out of my head.  At last slumber finds me, and when I wake up, it is quiet. I feel my neck and other muscles go slack, my mind go clear.  Ahhh

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful and haunting ode to wind...I totally get it! I love the strength of the wind, but you've captured my fear & trepidation regarding the wind in this line, "The wind keeps me awake at night and I feel that I am its captive." WOW!! Hoping for a breezy day tomorrow!