Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The blast of the heater wakes me in the midst of a dream. Weird, because usually it's a sound that stays in the background unnoticed.  What was I dreaming about?  I search my memory but can't quite find it in the fog of my half awake condition. 

It's that unsettled feeling, but I'm not quite sure what's making me worry.  My mind wanders and settles strongly on one of my daughters. I need to call her tomorrow I think to myself, and make sure everything is safe and sound in her world.  I've had this happen to me before. There is someone or something that weighs heavy on my mind and I feel a compulsion to call. send a card or visit. I've regretted the times I've ignored that voice that urges me to intervene.  

I've also had the opposite happen to me.  There are times that I've been on the receiving end of a much needed phone call, email or simply a kind word.  It seems to happen when I'm especially down or sick and I always wonder.  How did they know? 

I'll call her tomorrow I think as I hear the heater kick on again and try to quiet my mind from worry. I roll over and try to fall back into sleep.


  1. Great slice. So hard to tell the difference between irrational mid-night worries and intuition. It's best to play it safe and make the call.

  2. It is always interesting where our minds take us in the middle of the night. You captured those feelings and wanderings well here.

  3. Ah the late night feelings - I always make the call - it is usually nothing but the kids are glad I have called and so am I. It may just mean its time to chat!

  4. Thanks ladies! I did call and everything is good, although she did sound tired. We had a great talk and I'm glad everything is OK.

  5. So glad everything's ok! You certainly built suspense with this slice. Love the new blog theme!!!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I love it too, it's clean and fresh.

  6. I love the way you shared your thinking with us with the opening and closing being about the water heater. I think we can all relate to those feelings and wonderings of whether or not we should make the call.