Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Madness

Mudslides, earthquakes and missing airplanes
I am not personally affected by any of these events. I don't know anyone that's been affected by them either.  But it does make me step back, take a deep breath and a long look around me.  I feel grateful today!

G =  Grandmother, my favorite thing in the world!
R =   Real friends, you know them when you have them and there's      
        nothing else like it.
A =   Animals, What can I say, I'm a nature and animal lover
T =   Teaching of course, lucky to be doing something I love
E =  Energy, the great energy and support I feel when slicing
         It has been pretty wonderful. Thank you!
F =   Family,  they're happy, safe and healthy
U =  Understanding, some people don't *get* me.. but some do
L =   Love, Laughter, Listeners, Laundry,  


  1. I love the crossed out laundry. It is hard to be grateful for laundry, but yes, in the midst of others tragedy we can be even grateful for that. Loved the lines.

  2. Funny how you crossed laundry off of that list!

    There is so much tragic, scary stuff in the news everyday. It makes sense to stop and think about what we're thankful for.

  3. Haha, laundry! Re-focusing always helps me too! Love this!