Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Me?  I'm not "expecting" myself but I am expecting two more grandchildren next month.

Two of my daughters are expecting a baby within four days of each other.  My oldest daughter is due with a baby girl on April 1st and my second oldest daughter is due with a baby boy on April 5th.  Mind you, they do not live anywhere near each other.  In fact, they live on separate sides of the continent.

This is making me feel excited, yet a little anxious.  I want to be there for both of them.  I want to help ease some burden, cook meals, do laundry or entertain siblings so they can nap.  However, this will not be possible this time around and it's making me feel a little like the cat looking into the fishbowl with no way to get inside.

Call me when you go to the hospital I still tell them.  Take lots of pictures and get lots of rest.

The distance is a time thief, sometimes taking months at a time from me and my grand babies.  I will try to catch up, Skype and send cards and see you all as soon as I can.


  1. Oh my goodness, well, congratulations. How neat that they will have cousins SO close in age - even if separated geographically. Your phrase "the distance is a time thief" is really haunting and sets the tone for your whole piece.

  2. How exciting!!!! Congratulations!! It must be hard to be away from them. I live far from my family times it's hard, but it will be ok. It will all be ok!