Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Hopes

I live alone, children grown and on their own.  I'm lucky because they are healthy and happy and call me often.  But, the house still echoes and I can hear the floor creak when I walk.  It's so quiet at times.

I was thinking in the shower (I do some very deep and reflective thinking there) thinking about  Monday.  I don't have Monday "blahs" I just realized. Nice.. smiling to myself and thumbing through my closet.  Thoughts of what should I wear, mixed with thoughts of what will l learn today and what will I share.  It's been a long quiet weekend and I'm excited to be out amongst the students and my colleagues.  Monday hopes of making a difference today…
                                         here I……..

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  1. The shower is where I do some of my best & most reflective thinking as well!! So glad you are enjoying your Monday! My Monday has turned into the third day in a three-day weekend...snow day!