Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another World

The surface of the Atlantic Ocean is aquamarine and pristine, but looking at the surface is deceiving.  There is no clue or sign of the teaming life there just below the surface.  

Wading into the water, I carry my flippers and have my goggles and snorkel hanging loosely around my neck.  It's taken me awhile, but I've learned how to sit back and put my flippers on awkwardly and without getting a nasty cramp in my leg.  With one final yank I have them both on, slip on my goggles and begin my adventure in another world.

As soon as I tip my head in the water I see what is hiding beneath the surface of the blue water.  I float amongst the fish and coral careful not to touch anything with my clumsy fins.  I find a school of tiger barbs and try to blend in with them as if I'm one of them.  

I have my camera tucked safely within a plastic protector and snap a picture of a hungry parrot fish munching on some coral.   I spend hours observing and letting my mind escape into that watery, winsome world until it's time to go back to shore and come back again tomorrow.


  1. I loved Mr. Limpet. Enjoyed reading your slice today!

  2. I haven't gone snorkeling in years. Like over a decade. I used to love it so much. Your post reminds me of why I need to go again!

  3. I've never been snorkeling! Sounds like so much fun! I feel peaceful just reading your post. :)