Friday, March 7, 2014

Kindness and a Tattoo

I pulled into the local Wendy's in our town.  I go there when I'm in a rush and need something inexpensive to eat.  My expectations are never high and they were especially low today, because I was feeling the same.  Crazy day at school, worried about kids, health and life in general.

To my surprise, a pleasant and energetic voice rang through the machine and asked what I would like to eat.  I was used to the tired, bored voice that usually greeted me there.  This new voice caught my attention and made me even perk up a bit.  I gave her my order and drove around to the window, curious now to see the person behind this voice.

 From out of the window reached an arm with a beautiful sleeve tattoo that matched the beautiful smile on her face.  I gave her my money and she gave me my drink while doing a balancing with it, using the hand attached to the tattooed arm.  She asked how I was doing and I said fine and asked the obligatory question back to her.  She answered with a huge smile that she was exemplary.  I smiled and my spirit was lifted.

 I went back home thinking about my attitude and my ability to make a difference in this world with such a simple gesture.  This experience happened to me a few months ago but it stays with me, especially when I'm feeling sorry for myself.

 I still go to that Wendy's but no longer see my cheerful tattooed lady.  No doubt, she's gone on to management or something better than the Wendy's window.  Even though she's no longer there, somethings happened at that Wendy's.  A cheerful transition. So now whenever I feel low, I go to Wendy's and they make me smile and I remind myself, life is good.


  1. The voice at the other end of the speaker can make all the difference, can't it? I find the more cheerful voices most often during the morning when I pop through the drive-thru for a Diet Coke. The place I find the most cheerful workers...Tim Hortons. I almost always leave there with a smile.

  2. I love how you highlighted the power of a gesture as simple as a smile and cheerful voice or the use of the word exemplary!

  3. I feel the need to be the tattooed person in our district. I work in all 5 buildings and sometimes I am the only person who walks through those doors and provide "Service with a Smile" or Solve a problem that a teacher is having. I strive to be kind, friendly and go the extra mile. I remember what it is like to be in that room with kids and feel like no one else cares. I hope everyday that I can be that cheerful voice giving someone else a good day.

  4. What a great reminder that we all touch each other and we all make a difference!

  5. Funny - just after reading this, my daughter texted me and said she had just stopped at a Wendy's and met a friendly, chatty employee there, who was going to pray for her and the trip she was on. Just seemed strange that I'd hear about two very nice employees at Wendy's in about an hour's time.