Saturday, March 8, 2014


Have you ever wanted to just disappear?  Melt into the scenery and hope nobody notices you?

 Let me just start this slice by saying that I do have a reputation for being a bit of a klutz.  Sometimes I wonder if there are invisible ropes put out there just to trip me.

As I'm getting ready to go on my trip to Mexico for spring break, I'm remembering a small moment from my last trip to Mexico 3 years ago when the dreaded invisible rope appeared.  I was SO excited.  It was my first trip ever to Mexico at an all inclusive hotel right on the beach south of Cancun.  Mind you, this was the very first night we arrived.  It was early evening, that time right after the sun has gone down, but not yet dark.  We were walking, exploring and yes, I did have a small plastic cup with a drink in my hand, but I hadn't even taken a sip out of it yet.  

Walking, talking, gazing and then f a l l i n g …. flat on my face.  Ouch.  It felt like slow motion as my drink went flying and I landed on my right arm.  Several of the other guests ran over to help me as I wanted to just disappear and become part of the cement walk beneath me.  Thanks.. it's okay.. I'll be fine, I can hear myself saying as I bravely try to hold back my tears.  Oh not tears of hurt, but tears of embarrassment. 

My arm has a bad case of road rash and we go to the front desk for some antiseptic to put on my fresh wound.  They are so nice and ask if I want them to call the ambulance.  Ambulance?  No no… OH ambulance is the medic that they have on salary at the hotel.  He was so kind and doctored me up and sent us on our way to enjoy the rest of our vacation. 

Now I'm hoping for no invisible ropes on this trip!


  1. I have that exact same reputation. I don't know who puts those ropes there and what I have done to make them want to put them there so often but I hope you have a safe trip (not the falling kind )

  2. I love the "invisible rope" picture you painted. It certainly works here, and will be used when I do the "trip."

  3. Ouch! I think that invlisible rope trips me up every now and then, too. I'm bad for running into to things. Enjoy your trip to Mexico.

  4. Safe travels to you! As I was reading I thought, oh no, she broke her arm in Mexico... so glad you didn't but that sure smarts in more ways than one.

  5. So glad that it was only road rash and nothing broken. Hoping that this trip will be "trip free" and that you will have a delightful spring break.

  6. Wishing you a rope free vacation and renewed energy from the sunshine!