Thursday, March 20, 2014

Last nights dinner

Last nights dinner was a dismal failure.  I'm trying this new attitude about food.  I used to run out and buy whatever I was missing for the meal I wanted to fix.  My new philosophy is to make do, improvise and substitute with things I already have at home. So, last night I wanted to make pasta but I did not have my good old stand by - "Ragu".   No problem, just whip out the old internet and look for a recipe.  I found one that looked exquisite, had 5 star reviews and I had most all of the ingredients.

Fantastic! I can do this.  I start chopping the garlic and heating the olive oil and feeling like a regular Rachel Ray.  There is country music crooning in the background as I gather the spices and pull out the stewed tomatoes. Let the garlic sauté in the olive oil while I just go check on my laundry for one quick, brisk minute.  While I'm at it, I stop to put new towels in the bathroom, curse whoever didn't replace the toilet paper when it was empty and fix that.  Fold a few clothes while I'm there and then…….

*Sniff* Drat, what happened to my beautiful garlic smell, it smells….. burnt…   

No worries, Albertsons is right around the corner.  I'll just pop in and get some "Ragu."


  1. I have done this so many times! I love experimenting with recipes, but they don't always work out. Maybe I should write about the time I tried to recreate a Cajun tomato soup I had at a restaurant.

  2. That is why I love slow cookers! I can actually leave them while I go do something else. Don't give up on experimenting, it can be tons of fun! Happy cooking!

  3. Haha...I did not expect that ending. I love when that happens. Burnt garlic makes me so mad, but it's something I've done more often than I care to admit. I agree with Jaana...keep experimenting! Happy Cooking!