Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Perspective and Age

Things that were important to me when I was young, no longer hold that place of importance in my life.  I want to give this advice to my daughters that are in their twenty's right now.  Don't worry about that, don't stress, because it will seem inconsequential some day.  But I don't, because, just like me, they will find their own meaning of what's important and what lasts.

Before, I would be really upset with myself for not Acing that math final and going out with my friends instead.  Now, I appreciate that time spent with friends, much more than any math grade.

Before, I just wanted some time to myself, some peace and quiet.  Now, I would appreciate some noise and a few interruptions.

Before, I couldn't wait until my child could walk, talk and was potty trained.  Now, I appreciate the times that we rocked, read books and napped together.

Before, I would quickly clean off any smears of little hands on my windows.  Now, I understand why my mother left those little handprints of her grandchildren on the windows until the next visit.

My perspective has changed with age.


  1. It is all about perspective, isn't it?!? "Perspective" is one of my favorite signs in ASL. I think it is a great thing to remember, kind of like 'a mile in their shoes'.

  2. Exactly right, lovely to hear that the little things are the best things. Thanks for saying it so well!

  3. I get this. As I age, I certainly appreciate people and blessings more and more than I did when I was younger!