Saturday, March 22, 2014


I've always had trouble with the "F" word.  There are just too many things to think about and do!

 Focus is being in the zone     
even when you're not alone

Trying hard to tune out the world 
Focus is a dirty word

Look out there, is it a squirrel?

Okay now, let's get back to work

I love that song, and turn it up
Then take a break to do the "jerk"

Thirteen page paper waits for me
At last, I'm on a typing spree

Phone, don't ring 
and stomach don't grumble

This time, I need this time to Focus


  1. Oh my, don't we all suffer from the F word on occasion. I find I suffer from the P word as well, procrastination. Sometime these two go hand in hand for me. Good luck on your projects and focusing toward a finish.

  2. I have a friend who used the, "Focus!" command on me quite a bit. It wasn't because I couldn't focus when I chose to, I was just choosing to focus on another "F" word: FUN!

  3. This is lots of fun! Really enjoyed "Look out there, is it a squirrel?" I think when you find you have trouble with focus, you are allowing the child within you to break loose.

  4. Good luck with the paper and keeping that distracting squirrel at bay. I am focus challenged too. But oh the fun we can have along the way!

  5. Focus is definitely something I struggle with...but not as much as procrastication!!! That's the bane of my existence...I put off & put off & put off...then I am stressed. When will I ever learn?!?! Good luck on completing your paper. :)