Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bird Watching Along the River

Shhhh… I tell myself. Its quiet here this morning walking by the slow moving river.  I see a runner off in the distance running in sync with his companion, a black lab.  But I can't hear them.  It's so serene and uncomplicated.

Each of my footsteps sound out of place with nature, like an intrusion, as I walk along the well-packed, well worn dirt path.  The binoculars feel heavy around my neck and I strain my ears to hear any of the birds or other animals that I'm in search of on this brisk, cool day.

There is nothing yet, but I have time.

As I walk, I notice that my mind does not over analyze or worry.  Those things are pushed out as I'm concentrating on the details of nature, the gentle splash of the river and the sight of the path before me. The path narrows and weaves in front of me and I can't quite see around the corner.  Knowing, yet not knowing what I'll find there.


  1. Beautiful piece! I like to take Nature Walks with my camera, so I can try to capture the beauty.

  2. What did you find? I, too, have experienced my footsteps being an intrusion on the quietness of nature. Thanks for sharing your morning.

  3. Walks filled with silence bring such peace. I love the picture! Thank you for sharing!!