Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Disaster Can Bring Unity!

What is it they say about opposition in life?  If you have no downs in your life then you won't appreciate the ups? 

Last Friday night, I was awakened at around 1:00 a.m. by what sounded like hail pounding my roof as if 100 bass drummers were practicing above me.  I went to my window to look outside when I saw that the noise was not hail but lightning, thunder and an onslaught of rain so heavy that I now understood the idiom sheets of rain.  It was coming down hard and fast and I actually saw things floating in my back yard. I looked towards the fence and saw what looked like a waterfall in my backyard. I blinked a couple times… nope….not dreaming.

Then I raced to look out the front window I saw what looked like a river going down the street in front of my house. Wow. I gathered my raincoat and sandals and went to the back to get a closer look.  It was cold, wet and even a little dangerous when I realized the speed at which the water going through the yard.

Well, there was nothing I could do but wait out the storm and see what damage I had in the morning. 

As I got up in the morning, I joined my neighbors as we looked around, shared our stories and commiserated about the storm and it's after effects. 

There was something comforting in knowing that I had neighbors that could relate, understand and share in my experience. We shared our stories and even laughed about some of the things that happened.  My 80 year old neighbor was telling about how he wanted to get his canoe out and go for a paddle.  

Here's where my waterfall was coming through and knocked
down the retaining wall!

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