Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nonfiction Connections and Boys

In my journey as a special education instructor, I've noticed that more and more young boys are being identified as having a learning disability.  I can't help but wonder why?  Why are our boys becoming an at risk population?  My hope is that the reintroduction and emphasis on nonfiction text will reengage those boys in reading.

Nonfiction texts are engaging, educational and fun.  Take notice of the men and boys in your life.  What type of reading are they interested in? In my observations, I think that boys and men are more engaged in nonfiction reading materials.

 Literacy standards of the new common core curriculum understands that reading nonfiction materials is important for our students.  The reasoning behind adding more nonfiction reading to the curriculum is that in our student's the workplace, in college and our daily living setting, most of the reading we do is nonfiction or expository reading.  Nonfiction reading is important and there are many excellent books out there.

One example is this  wonderful children's biography of Jaques Cousteau.  This book was written by Jennifer Berne and illustrated by Eric Puybaret.  (April, 2008) I love to go snorkeling and the illustrations made me feel like I was actually under water.  So fun!  I grew up watching Jaques Cousteau's adventures on television.  Now, that may tell you a little bit about how old I am... Shhhh!
I enjoyed this book and the illustrations.  I learned a lot about the man and his dream.  This book is recommended for children in grades 1-3.  I loved this book that mixes the biography of a man with
science and the sea.  So many of the young people I know want to grow up to be marine biologists and are intrigued with the ocean and the animals that live there.  Therefore, I have put this book in  my repertoire of nonfiction text.  Enjoy!



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